Full-Cast Gold Restorations

Full-Cast Gold Restorations

  • Gold standard for long-term durability

  • Choose from noble or high noble gold

  • Flat rate priced

  • Exhibit a beautiful, rich color

Full-cast restorations are the standard for long-term durability of posterior crowns. We have eliminated price variations due to crown size and gold market fluctuations at LVDDS by extending you flat rate pricing on our full line of full-cast gold products. Choose from Noble-Cast 45, Noble-Cast 60 and Noble-Cast 67.

Noble-Cast 45 is fabricated from a yellow noble alloy and is our most cost-effective cast gold restoration. Noble-Cast 60 and Noble-Cast 67 are high noble gold services for full-cast crowns and onlays. All LVDDS full-cast gold restorations meet ADA specifications for noble or high noble gold.

Never pay pennyweight pricing again when you prescribe full-cast gold restorations from LVDDS.

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