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  • Beautiful esthetics that mirror natural teeth
  • High strength and fracture resistance
  • CAD/CAM provides precise margins and consistent thickness
  • Staining process ensures complete color throughout coping

3M ESPE Lava


3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ is touted as one of the most esthetic and clinically proven dental zirconia restorations available. The Lava dental zirconia understructure is made utilizing CAD/CAM technology, a process during which the pinned and sectioned model is scanned with a 3D optical scanner, the understructure designed on the computer screen, and then the zirconia crown or bridge milled using a pre-sintered dental zirconia block. This milled dental zirconia block is then colored using one of eight shades matched to the VITA® Classical Shade Guide. The milled Lava zirconia frame is sintered for 10 hours to fully gain its high strength and fracture resistance. Finally, a proprietary, pre-blended ceramic is pressed over the zirconium oxide understructure.

Lab Outsource

3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ is an all-ceramic dental restoration with a zirconium oxide understructure that offers superb fit, marginal integrity and translucency. Lava zirconia crowns and bridges have more than 10 yeas of demonstrated clinical excellence. The Lava dental zirconia understructure is made utilizing CAD/CAM technology. After sintering, the Lava zirconia coping will offer high strength and fracture resistance. In fact, Lava Crowns & Bridges are strong enough to withstand stresses many times greater than those that occur in patients' mouths.

To send a case to our dental lab: Send us your slightly ditched trimmed master dies (without die spacer, hardener, wax or glue) for consistent-quality Lava dental zirconia copings and dental zirconia bridge frameworks created with our advanced CAD/CAM technology. For dental zirconia bridgework, please send an opposing model or bite registration. Please allow three days in lab.


  • Prismatik CZ Press™ or CZ Porcelain™
  • Noritake CZR
  • DENTSPLY Cercon® Ceram S
  • 3M ESPE Lava™ Ceram
  • Vident VM®9
  • GC Initial Z
  • Ivoclar IPS e.max® Ceram
  • Heraeus Kulzer HeraCeram® Zirconia
  • Shofu Vintage® ZR
  • Nobel Biocare NobelRondo™ Zirconia

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